SBB-RhB layout from Mario Mason in Abano Terme

Always in love with the mountains, after finishing the diorama of the Dolomites, I came up with the idea of creating a new layout in a Swiss mountain setting.
Also, what else to imagine if you do not combine the H0m with the H0 scale, creating a mixed model SBB - Rhatische Bahn? Nothing better than the Rhaetian Railway to indulge in tunnels, bridges, forests and rocky mountains.

The project aims to reproduce imaginatively realistic Swiss settings, both for normal and narrow gauge railways. Being a project of a mountain layout, I had to compose the positioning of tunnels, bridges, embankments, meadows, woods and finally many beautiful mountains. The final project of which you see the graphics above is the revision No. 31.

The design of the layout provides a surface of 2.70 x 1.22 m on 3 basic levels in height. Everything is based on a self-built reticular structure of wooden side elements on which the plywood plane is fixed.

-the ground floor (circuits in black) is made up of an electrified double-track oval, in H0 scale, with the Mendrisio station with triple track and relative yard for the storage of the trains and the sorting of goods. In the back part a hidden station will be created with 3 parking rails, under the mountains and the level 2 floor. The ground floor is entirely in SBB setting.

-the first floor (marron circuit) presents a very sinuous ring in H0m scale, electrified, partly in the tunnel, with a false double track in sight and a further partially concealed double track and a bridge with steel structure above the pond. This circuit has in turn two levels, the front to 8.5 cm, the side and back to 11 cm. This circuit is set in the Rhaetian Alps and will be traveled by Bemo trains of the Rhaetian Railway.

On this floor I also created a series of hidden tracks, under the mountainous part, to accommodate the locomotives purchased "in excess".

-the second floor (red circuit) consists of a ring also with many curves, on 3 levels, electrified, with the front to 21 cm, 2 ascents in sight up to the level of 23 cm, 2 parts in the tunnel that they lead to the level of 30 cm. A straight and a curved bridge, both in stone, enrich the route. On the 30 cm level, the Bergun station is located with its freight yard and sorting area. On this floor is located a characteristic Swiss village, being also this part of the typical setting layout of the Rhaetian Alps.
At this point I inserted the Gantt chart which I have elaborated to plan and manage all the phases of preparation and construction. The target was to complete the lay-out for June 2017. This was not possible due to the delay caused by the preparation of the Mendrisio Station.

In February 2018 the layout has been completed and you can enjoy the photo galleries on my website

Text and pictures by Mario Mason